Medical Team consultation

If you are thinking about a treatment at BioMed but you are not sure yet

Even before you decide to come to BioMed, we offer you to discuss your case with our medical team and get back to you with our suggestion for a treatment at BioMed Hospital.

To get a good picture of your personal case, we would need to receive your medical report either by email ( or by fax (+49-6343-705-913).

Our experienced team of medical specialists, psychologists and physiotherapists will be creating your treatment on your individual medical needs and wishes.

welcome to the BioMed Hospital webpage

A personal word by chief physician Dr. Friedrich Migeod MD.

Dear Patient,

I am pleased that you want to find out about the special treatment methods we use at the BioMed Clinic. Our clinic is a hospital for acute oncology cases. We combine conventional medicine with methods from complementary cancer therapy. These include biological, physical, psychological and naturopathic therapies.

Dr. Migeod explaining the BioMed clinic and the therapy

Will my insurance pay for the treatment at BioMed?

The BioMed-Hospital Bad Bergzabern is a medical care hospital of the statutory health insurances according to § 108/§109 SGB-V of the german social insurance code.
The costs for an inpatient treatment for citizens of the European Union will be paid by the German statutory health insurance (AOK), if you present the "European certificate E112".

Please ask your personal health insurance in advance of the treatment about this form.

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