Dr. Vera Kneer lecture about using Helleborus niger in complementary medicine.           (english language)

The present article describes the ongoing partial remission of a 44 year old patient with originally ER/PR positive HER2+negative

metastatic breast cancer (local recurrence, bones, lymph nodes, pleural carcinosis) with excellent response to an individual integrative therapy consisting of metronomic chemotherapy with Capecitabine, Arcoxia and Cimetidine together with

loco regional hyperthermia, multitargeting phytochemicals like curcumin, green tea, milk thistle, graviola, artemisinin, enzymes, D3, selenium, amino acids, infusions with vit C 15 g as well as gluthatione. To treat severe pain and loss of appetite she received THC oil. Helleborus niger was used in form of daily inhalations to treat symptomatic dyspnea and dry coughs in pleural effusion.

Moreover Helleborus niger was administered s.c. for immunstimulation and for diuretic purpose.

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