Methods we practice at BioMed

Treatment at the BioMed Clinic aims not only to destroy tumours but to offer a holistic approach. This includes giving patients information about a healthy lifestyle and about cancer risks and environmental factors as well as changing their diet and supplementing it with vital nutrients.


As people’s mental attitude impacts greatly on their quality of life and powers of self-healing, we think it is important to offer our patients well established, psychological treatment.


Our psycho-oncological team has extensive experience with the particular needs and problems of cancer patients. Our specially trained nursing staff also makes a substantial contribution to improving your mental well being and thus to mobilising your forces to fight the disease.


Hyperthermia in cancer medicine, the overheating of the tumor cells, is an effective extention of cancer therapy and has been scientifically  described since already almost 100 years.


The results of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be increased significantly by Hyperthermia. This can lead to long-lasting remissions and contribute to healing.

Biomed hospital offers various therapies, which therapy is most effective in your case can be evaluated with our doctors and medical team.