Palliative care

The Goal of palliative care is to work with serious illnesses and to improve the quality of life of patients. Especially in oncology quality of life plays an important role.

From nearly 30 years of experience in the treatment of our patients, we know that it is in the course of the disease and in the course of treatments over and over again to critical phases in which a high Distress arises for patients and their families.



This suffering can have physical and psychological causes or be due to the treatment and care of patients at home.

To be able to offer our patients the most advanced monitoring, it was particularly important to us to expand our range of therapies in palliative medicine, whose management senior physician Dr. Fadil Brovina, specialist in palliative care, has held. Close collaboration is with Dr. Silvia Maurer from Bad Bergzabern, Vice-President of the German Society for pain medicine.

The offer of palliative treatment is aimed at people who are suffering from advanced cancer with stressful physical and / or emotional symptoms that often goes hand in hand with a limited life expectancy.

As part of this special treatment we can focus on improving the quality of life of our patients and often their families and to accompany them lovingly.

Cooperation in the multi-professional team enables a customized, integrated monitoring, which includes the care, medical treatment and psychological, spiritual and social legal support.