Our medical concept

Understanding how tumors develop and how their growth can be controlled led to the development of complementary biomedical therapy concepts.

According to this approach, cancer treatment does not only consist of surgical removal of tumors, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but also includes supportive and reconstructive therapy aimed at regenerating and increasing the body's own resistance, in order to normalise cell metabolism and to reduce any therapy-related damage.



In addition, tumor destructive effects can be enhanced by immunological and physical methods, such as hyperthermia.



BioMed Hospital offers loco-regional hyperthermia, whole body hyperthermia (Fevertherapy), mistletoe injections and infusions, highdose Vitamin C infusions, pain management, biological therapies physical and psychooncological therapies.  During your inpatent treatment we will control the therapy progress if needed with EKG, Sonography, color doppler echos, X-Ray and our large laboratory testing your blood (e.g.Tumor markers).


Our motto is "dare to live", it means that it is never too late to start something new, to lead your life actively and responsibly.


We, the physicians, physiotherapists and nursing staff of the BioMed Clinic, want to support you in this project with all our strenght and possibilities - medically and human.


Our medical concept
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