The BioMed Hospital

With more than 14,000 hyperthermia treatments that can be performed with our 15 hyperthermia devices and 7 hyperthermia systems a year, including deep hyperthermia, surface hyperthermia, intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion, intravesicular, intrapleural and whole body hyperthermia, we are proud to say BioMed Hospital is one of the leading Hyperthermia Centers in Europe.


The BioMed Hospital has 100 beds, single- and doublerooms.


All rooms have Satellite TV, individual bed monitors with TV and radio, telephone, awnings outside for sun protection and access to a private balcony.


In the entire hospital building you can use the free WiFi, in your room alternatively also the LAN connection. For your multimedia entertainment the TVs offer HDMI or USB ports for your Notebooks, Tablets or USB Sticks.


Alltogether more than 100 employees, psychologist and doctors feel responsible for your concerns, health, treatment and wellbeing.


In the Book "Germany Cancer Breakthrough" by Andrew Scholberg, the BioMed was mentioned among the best Hyperthermia clinics in Germany.


From "German Cancer Breakthough - The Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics"

"Biomed has an impeccable reputation for professionalism and an impressive record of success. For example, the American whistle-blower and health advocate Dr. Ralph Moss highly recommends this clinic."



German Cancer Breakthrough - A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics
by Andrew Scholberg
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